Convenience: The easy way out

     In many ways, technology has made life a lot more convenient. Even now, when I look at my smartphone screen, it will unlock because of facial recognition software. While many of us use the daily conveniences offered to us out of sheer habit, it has become too much because of its normality.

    Why go to the grocery store to wait in the checkout line and do the unthinkable of talking to the cashier when you could easily go to the self-checkout area? Except, why even go to the grocery store when you can order what you need with a few taps and have it show up at your doorstep?

     Convenience has become essential in society, but society has become too dependent on it. Honestly, who does not like something convenient? It can save you time, energy and efficiency that can be spent on other projects and goals you want to accomplish, but it has become costly.

     According to Consumer News and Business Channel, a leader in business news, “Recent data from Lux Research report shows businesses like Blue Apron and UberEATS are developing business models that show just how much diners are willing to pay for not having to prepare or pick up their meals. Lux’s research shows that, on average, consumers are willing to pay 11 percent more for each added layer of convenience in the food chain in anything from online grocery delivery to restaurant take-out.”

     How dare we drive a few minutes to pick up our lunch?

     That convenience of spending a few extra bucks to have an already overpriced Starbucks coffee delivered may seem like only a few dollars, but when it becomes a regular occurrence, the few bucks can add up. 

     While food apps are a convenience, it stretches even further. Amazon is a well-used app among many as most find it has everything they are looking for, but beyond Amazon is the well-loved Amazon Prime

     The one item you can never seem to find in stores may be available on Amazon. The fast shipping options available on different products on Amazon Prime can suddenly turn into even the most common items being bought out of sheer convenience. 

     If you know you will run out of toothpaste in a few days, Amazon Prime has you covered. When you need to buy a gift for your friend but don’t want to worry about finding time in your day to get something, do not fret, Amazon Prime has your back.

     Between your Amazon delivery notifications and the voice of your Google Home telling you how many stops they are from delivering your package, you are bound to get your package before the porch pirate does.

     Also available to Amazon Prime users is a streaming service. You can rent, buy or watch several free options of shows and movies. Amazon Prime’s streaming service makes it easy for viewers to watch a show on their time. There is no need to wait until the time whenever it is on live television, and viewers can watch shows and movies as many times as they want. 

     Apps will do a lot for us these days, and the convenience of those apps is doing more harm than good. People do not need to interact socially as much, and with a few taps on our phones, people can easily have something delivered to them. While easy may have perks, taking the easy way out can lead to laziness. 

     Congratulations, we are a lazy society, but we can get lazier. 

     What will be the new normal? Maybe a gas delivery service so you can get your car filled without putting it in drive. Oh wait, that is already a thing.