Do(g)nate to Tails

Animals have feelings, and they all deserve to be loved and cared for. Donations for Tails Humane Society are a great way to share the wealth to homeless dogs, cats and small critters.

“Tails is a shelter in DeKalb for unwanted or deserted pets that is a no-kill shelter, so they have pets that could be there for a long time,” high school librarian and media specialist Lorna Code said.

Junior class president Samantha Callaghan has organized the donation drive for Tails with the help from Code. Any donations such as doggy bags, toys, canned food, animal beds, paper towels, towels and blankets can be dropped off in the commons or library to Code.

“I got my dog and cat from this shelter. It is very supported by the community and animal lovers,” Code said.

Any animal lovers out there or anyone who wants to help the community and its furry friends, donate to Tails so the animals can feel comfortable and loved.

According to the Tails Humane Society website, “Tails is 100% donor and service funded.  We rely on support from our community to continue providing our life-saving services.”