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The site of Kaneland High School's student news publication.

Kaneland Krier

The site of Kaneland High School's student news publication.

Kaneland Krier

Facebook Moms and protective parents: The true heroes of modern schooling

In times of adversity and crisis, humanity needs people who are willing to step up to the challenge and fight for others, people who are ready to lead and demonstrate intense bravery on a whim, and, most importantly, people who are capable of questioning authority and doing what they believe to be right despite the status quo. In the world of education, people often look to teachers as demonstrating these qualities, but the true fulfillers of this role who work hard every day and are given next to no recognition are the Facebook moms and courageous parents of public school students.

Behind the veil of education in today’s schools, tyranny is constantly lurking in the shadows. At times it seems that the staff members’ job is to pray for the downfall of their students, and rather than educating the youth for future generations, they instead choose to infringe on students’ rights. This behavior would go unrecognized if it were not for the courageous Facebook parents.

To provide an example, in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was incredibly scary for parents to send their children to school. There were constant dangers lurking everywhere in public. The obvious and most important dangers, such as mask mandates and the liberal agenda, seeped into the walls and hallways of Kaneland Senior High School, and it was solely up to the parents to fight back, as the teachers enforced these ridiculous policies that obviously were only created to restrict the students’ rights.

A Kaneland Moms Facebook member and courageous parent was one of the many who stepped up to take on the responsibility, as this adult bravely spoke out against COVID-19 policies at a board meeting on Feb. 2, 2022.

“I’m very curious why there is a separate lunch room for kids in their second [set of] five days of quarantine. Nowhere in the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], nowhere in the [Illinois Department of Public Health], does it require the kids to have a separate lunch room,” the parent said. “This is discrimination, it’s segregation, and [the Kaneland administration] should look into it, or you’re going to have some real problems coming.”

Comparing the practicing of proper COVID-19 procedures to segregation is a choice only a true leader would make, as well as threatening a school board in the same sentence. This kind of behavior is truly representative of the banner that displays on the Kaneland Moms Facebook page, which says, “We rise by lifting others.” 

COVID-19 has not been the only instance of when Facebook parents have nobly taken charge against tyranny inside the classroom. In fact, they do it on a daily basis by sending messages to the entire two-thousand person group on Facebook about anything Kaneland related, even if it is simply a matter of a single kid speeding, but it does not end there. Many members are seen standing up consistently at board meetings to share their outrage, often over crazy stories they heard one time in loose detail, but they still choose to fight because they are simply too passionate about the safety of their children to not speak up.

Another instance of a local hero and Kaneland Moms member being a true upstanding civilian was when a parent responsibly followed a high school student home.

“If your daughter is a soft ball player and drives a Black small SUV and lives in the subdivision behind Jewel in Sugar Grove (on E park Ave) and had other team members over yesterday around 5:45 PLEASE! Have a talk with her. She was driving dangerously!” the brave parent said. “…l followed her home and asked if she was ok.. she stated that she was just playing with her other friends. ..I did mention to her to STOP.. that next time I will call the cops.”

Kaneland Moms members never stop tending to their duties to ensure that all Kaneland area civilians are following the law and that Kaneland schools never overstep into tyranny. No one asked this of them, but that only makes it more essential and noble. Next time you see a Kaneland Moms member or a parent standing up for their students’ rights, thank them for their service, because without it, our world would be in shambles.

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