Kaneland needs to be more flexible with snow days

     If there is anything that Kaneland has learned through the whole pandemic, it is to be flexible. We are accustomed to remote learning, and it would be ideal to stay home in severe conditions. So, what is the point in risking the safety of students when coming to school if we can do school work at home?

     Whether there is a problem with buses, roads are dangerous or it is too cold to stand outside to wait for the bus, Kaneland needs to be more lenient with snow days.  

     In high school, many of us are new drivers. Most adults get nervous when driving in unsafe conditions. Now imagine how a teen, who has less experience, feels.

     According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, “24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy or icy pavement and 15 percent happen during snowfall or sleet.”

     On Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022, the weather was terrible, and because of that, so were the roadways. By the time the second bell rang, I was one of only a couple people in the classroom. 

     Many students arrived late or decided to stay home because it was unsafe. Nearby districts such as Plano, Oswego and Yorkville had canceled school that day, so why would we not as well? 

     According to the Kaneland website, “The district encompasses 140 square miles in southwestern Kane County and is at the western edge of the Fox River Valley. Within its boundaries are all or parts of the incorporated Villages of Aurora, Cortland, Elburn, Kaneville, Maple Park, Montgomery, North Aurora, Sugar Grove and Virgil.”

     That is a great deal of mileage compared to other school districts. Even if the roads are plowed in Elburn, it does not mean they are in other areas.

     While I am thankful to have very considerate teachers, there should be no need for them to tell students, “I am glad you all got here safely,” or, “Please be careful when driving home today.” I am so glad that they care. However, if there is a need to say that because of safety concerns, why are we even here?

     Students and teachers alike understand the importance of education and being at school in person because many took it for granted before going remote. However, the safety of staff and students should be the primary focus.