Piece of Cake or Piece of Pie?

Once a month two of our staff members, Matt Cushman and Richies Tiv, are given a topic and they have 30 minutes to debate it. However, they are not allowed to speak. They type their arguments on a Google Document. They are allowed to use any research they can find on the internet to support their viewpoint. 

Richies: Cake is better than pie for numerous reasons: it´s a symbol for celebration and festivity and each cake is a surprise, unlike pies that are always crust and filling every time.

Matt: Well pies are way better because you can actually see what you are about to digest with no surprises (surprises in cake actually worries me), and they have been around for a longer time, allowing them to be perfected. According to time.com, pie has been around since 1612 when the pilgrims were around. Since then, it has evolved and so many different kinds have been created to add a huge variety.

Richies: Each slice of cake highlights every single layer that goes into making the perfect cake. You actually CAN see whatś in it: frosting and flour. Unlike pies that conceal the contents by a layer of dough thatś tasteless. Cakes also have a large variety but each one is different, each is meant for a different occasion, a special moment to remember and savor. Your wedding, your birthday, a party, itś all unique and is remembered with a special cake, whereas pies are only eaten for thanksgiving and thatś abou it.

Matt: Pies are actually not tasteless. There can be sweet or savory pies. For example, you could have a meat pie, like shepard’s pie, or a fruit pie like and apple pie. This makes the dough combine with the filling to have a perfect balance. And pies can be eaten all of the time. They don’t only have to be for a holiday or celebration.

Richies: I said the dough is tasteless. A pie has chunks of fruit that is boiled and mashed inside. Itś gross and often sugar is added to make it taste sweeter. Cakes, on the other hand, can have real fruits where you can actually distinguish what fruit is is and pick out each different one. And the reason that pies need the dough to have a ¨perfect balance” is because it is way too sweet. SOoo much sugar is added whereas in a cake, it is perfect in itself.

Matt: You are acting like cake does not have a bunch of sugar in it. If you eat a whole cake, you will probably get a sugar rush and pass out because it is too much, with how much frosting and extra sugary things that are added, whereas if you eat a whole pie, there won’t be as much of a problem, because it is not all sugar.

Richies: You´ll get a sugar rush if you eat any dessert in excess. And both desserts are about the same sugar: dessert in UNHEALTHY in general. Iḿ talking about when you eat pie and it doesn´t have the extra layer of dough, it becomes too sweet and is ruined. Besides, with your point of eating too much cake, we don´t need to eat too much because we can store it in the fridge and pull it out when we need. However, if you store a pie in the fridge, it becomes all gooey and nasty. You have to finish it all.

Matt: Pie has an average of 3.4 grams of sugar where as cake has an average of 15 grams of sugar according to USDA. And if you do not want a sweet pie, then make a savory one, because there are many options for the kinds of pie you can make. And pie can be stored. Once sliced, you can cover it with plastic wrap and it will still be good for 2-3 days according to stilltasty.com.

Richies: Yeah but the crust will be soggy. Who wants to eat soggy crust? GROSS. Also different cakes and different pies have a different amount of sugar in each one. You can´t cherry pick (pun intended) the data. Cake can also be fat free and gluten free!!!

Matt: And who wants to eat a whole bunch of gross sugary frosting that can ruin and stain your teeth? And I said on average with my sugar fact.

Richies: You´re forgetting that pie has sugar too. ANYTHING SUGARY CAN STAIN YOUR TEETH

Matt: I said on average for both of them. Frosting is a part of the cake, so obviously that is added to the sugar value. And I mean that is can actually turn your teeth a different color that’s how sugary it is.

Richies: Grandiose events, once in a life time occasions. What do these all have in common? CAKE. It is a hallmark of celebration.

Matt: Just because it is used during celebrations does it mean it is better. Where is your proof of taste and other facts, not just that it is used during celebrations?

Richies: I am not going to cherry pick data just to prove that this one specific type of cake is better than this one specific type of pie like you did. And if you want facts: According to the Data Driven Enterprises 60% of people prefer cake over pie just on taste alone. It is more popular everywhere.

Matt: I have talked in general about all of my pies and cake, not one specific type..?

Richies: Well your data is cherry picked.

Matt: How so?

Richies: By googling how pie is better than cake and pulling out specific stats that back it up. There will always be findings that say pie is healthier and then other findings that say cake is healthier. Regardless, I’m not eating cake or pie cause I want to go on a diet. Iḿ eating it for what it represents and the delicious taste.

Matt: That’s kind of how a debate works. You find stats that back you up, and you are supposed to defend your side. I said nothing about diets, I talked about sugar. Those are two different things. All desserts will have sugar, but pie just has less.

Richies: Again some pies will have less sugar than cake. But also remember than some cakes have less sugar than pies. Anyways..what other points do you have?

Matt: How about the fact that you don’t have to dress up a pie for it to be delicious? For cake, you need frosting and other additions just to make the cake itself good, Pie on its own is delicious.

Richies: Those additions are what make cakes have the edge over pie. So to wrap up, cake is without a doubt better than pie because it is a hallmark of grand traditions, tastes great with an enormous amount of flavors and varieties that meet a wide array of different interests, and comes in gluten free and nearly fat free forms, appealing to a large percent of people. And the numbers do back this up (60% of people like cake over pie based on taste!).

Matt: Clearly pie is better because it is less sugar, there are so many different types, and it is good just on its own! I would have pie over cake any day. With its flaky crust and delectable filling, it is just the amazing combination. You can have savory or sweet and make it any time of the year. So I guess you could say that I won this debate… easy as pie!