Enjoy a Sweet Valentine’s Day Treat


A popular Valentine’s Day tradition has always been to celebrate with chocolate. This year, indulge with some holiday-themed chocolate-covered pretzels.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, get festive with an easy treat that is sure to make your loved ones swoon. These chocolate-covered, Valentine-inspired pretzels are ready in minutes and require little clean up.


-Pretzel sticks (long rods or dipping sticks)

-White chocolate candy melts (Ghirardelli is what I used)

-Dark chocolate candy melts (Ghirardelli is what I used)

-Valentine’s Day sprinkles 


-Microwavable bowl

-Mixing spoon

-Parchment paper

-Drying rack 

-Baking sheet


First, prep your area. Line a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Next, grab your sprinkles and other ingredients before you melt your chocolate. This will make the entire process more efficient. Then, feel free to prepare as many pretzels as you desire. After you prepare your pretzels, it is time to melt the chocolate. Choose a microwave-safe bowl and add your candy melts. Use ¾ a cup of both the white and dark chocolate and combine into a microwave safe bowl. Melt them for 30-second intervals in the microwave. Make sure to stir thoroughly after each interval until they are completely melted. 

Now, it is time to work quickly. Take your pretzels and dip them into the chocolate mixture. Use a spoon to cover the pretzel entirely with chocolate, but make sure to leave space at the bottom of the pretzel so they are easy to hold. Place them on the parchment paper to dry. Before the chocolate dries, decorate them with your favorite Valentine’s Day sprinkles. Continue this process until you make all the pretzels your heart desires. Let them fully harden, and then enjoy!