Volleyball Captain Makes Memories


Photo by Olivia Hazen

Senior Sheika Mushunduzi serves in the third rotation of the first game.

Senior volleyball captain Sheika Munshunduzi went from being just a new varsity athlete during her junior season to the captain her senior year.  

“Being captain made this year more serious,” Mushunduzi said.

The volleyball team finished the season losing to St. Charles North in the regional semifinals. The team improved a lot in their tournament play when they did not do very well in their first tournament. However, their next tournament was a huge improvement as they won the tournament.

They finished the season with an overall record of 28-8 and a conference record of 4-4.  In the conference, they defeated Morris and Sycamore in both appearances against them while losing to Lasalle Peru, Geneseo and twice to Dekalb.

“I have been playing volleyball for 6 years, but volleyball has not always been something I wanted to play,” Mushunduzi said.

Mushunduzi played basketball and soccer and then some of the coaches asked her to play volleyball because of her height.  Mushunduzi accepting to play worked out for her as she later became the captain her senior year.

“The key to our success as a team was that whenever we went out on the court we had fun and just played our game,” Mushunduzi said.

Mushunduzi was playing volleyball for all four years of high school and made memories every year on each team.

“For the upcoming players the most important thing to remember is to make memories with one another,” Mushunduzi said.