Athlete of the Month: Rachel Lutter


Photo by Jason Edwards

By: Jason Edwards, Editor

Rachel Lutter

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Girls Soccer

Why she was chosen: Rachel Lutter was selected because of her strong, defensive plays and ability to make the varsity team her very first year of high school.

How long have you been playing?

“I have been playing since age five so, about nine years.”

What do you and your teammates hope to achieve this season?

“I hope we have the ability to make it to state, that would be the ultimate goal.”

How do you feel about being on the varsity team as a freshman?

“It makes me feel really confident about my position and role on the team.”

What expectations for you have for yourself this season?

“I really want to do all I can to play good defense, in order to help my team win.”

How do you picture your season ending?

“Hopefully we are doing well, having fun, and going to state.”