NFL Pick ’em Divisional Round

By: Dylan Mondi and Justin Erlandson


Matchups Dylan Mondi Justin Erlandson
Seahawks Falcons Falcons, their high powered offense has a tough challenge against the Seahawks defense, but I think top MVP candidate Matt Ryan along with Julio Jones will carry the Falcons past the ‘Legion of Boom’ Falcons, Seahawks have struggled with their offensive play this season. Even with the “Legion of Boom”, I think the Falcons high powered offense led by Matt Ryan and their young developing defense will come out on top.
Texans Patriots Patriots, While the Texans quite easily defeated a strong, but injured Raiders team. The New England Patriots are a different beast, led by angry QB Tom Brady they should quite easily steamroll the Texans. Patriots, Led by Tom Brady and coach of the year candidate Bill Belichick, the Patriots have the best chance of reaching the AFC championship. The only team that stands in their way is the Houston Texans and their struggling quarterback committee.
Steelers Chiefs Steelers, Although the Chiefs have a very good defense led by Eric Berry and Justin Houston the Steelers ‘big three’ of Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown should be enough to overcome the Chiefs. Steelers, After a dominant game against the Dolphins, the Steelers seem like one of the front runners to reach the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are another one of these teams, but I think the Steelers will win this one in a close contested game.
Packers Cowboys Cowboys, frankly the Packers are team that has benefited from a lot of lucky plays going their way and although Aaron Rodgers has been playing out of his mind lately Dak Prescott should hold his own enough to overcome the Packers. Packers, The Cowboys finished the season with the best record in the NFC, but their rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have not yet played a playoff game. I think the playoff experienced Aaron Rodgers will benefit from his miracle plays and advance into the NFC championship.