Softball Spring Break Trip

On the road to victory

By: Ella Miller, Reporter

On March 23 the girls JV and varsity softball teams will be packing their bags and heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to spend spring break playing softball, going to the beach and bonding as a team.

“We will be getting experience of playing different teams from multiple different states,” sophomore JV player Emma Bachio said.

Both JV and varsity will be playing five games each throughout the week.

“We have five games while we are there so the team will stay very busy,” sophomore varsity player Emilee Erickson said

The girls are able to relax and go to the beach during the trip while they aren’t playing games.

“I’m looking forward to going to the beach and spending time with my friends,” sophomore junior varsity player Rachael Hendricks said.

All the girls from both the JV and varsity teams will be staying in one big house together for the week.

“There are about 23 of us that will all be staying in this big house together, it’s really nice,” Erickson said.

Many of the players families will be coming on the trip as well.

“Our families come on the trip too. So when we aren’t with the team we can spend time with our families and make it a family vacation as well,” Bachio said.

The team is looking forward to the trip and all the players are eager to go.

“This team has a very solid bond and we are so excited to be spending the week together becoming a stronger team,” Hendricks said.