Kaneland Krier

Stepping Up Your College Search

Aurora University is a private school with almost 6,000 students. Virtual visits were made accessible on their website to accommodate COVID-19 procedures.

By: Karmyn Hookham, Editor

July 11, 2020

The dreaded college search can be stressful and overwhelming when you look at it as a whole. With the pressure to not only find your perfect school but to also keep your grades up, to participate in extracurriculars and to gain community service hours, things can pile up. This doesn’t mean you hav...

Everyday Heroes

Phil Hardin (left) and Patty Sampson (right) play together on Sampson's porch. They enjoy working together to raise money for charity.

By: Sophie Opp, Reporter

April 28, 2020

As 2019 came to an end, 2020 looked to be a bright future for people around the world. Not very far into the year, COVID-19 quickly destroyed these hopes. Faster than most could imagine, it took over not only the country, but the world. Understandably, this global pandemic has caused some panic; in times...

Things I’ve Learned During Quarantine

During quarantine, many people have picked up new hobbies like indoor gardening, exercising and reading. Sophomore Sarah Janito's latest hobby is painting.

By: Sarah Janito, Reporter

April 22, 2020

Everyone has (hopefully) been in quarantine for around five weeks now, and may be running out of things to keep themselves busy. I have effectively drained my creative spirit and have learned and come to terms with plenty of things I would not have been able to honestly address head-on without this mu...

The Marching Band Experience

By: Matilyn Mumm and Sophie Opp

October 18, 2019

The Kaneland marching band spends a lot of time together. They practice together, perform together, sit together at football games, and improve together. While the band is a whole, there are many different parts that contribute to making the performance happen.    One of the biggest parts of the band is th...

Hats Off to a new Kaneland Dress Code

Hats Off to a new Kaneland Dress Code

By: Sami Callaghan, Executive Editor

August 14, 2019

  Kaneland High School has been transitioning to personalized learning, proficiency based progress and 1:1 capabilities for the past several years, but not all of the school's advances deal with academics. The dress code this year involves a change that will be noticed immediately, as more students m...

Basketball Teams Welcome New Coaches

Basketball Teams Welcome New Coaches

By: Ben Durbala, Editor in Chief of Web

August 14, 2019

Both the boys and girls basketball programs are facing significant changes for the upcoming season. On the girls side, head coach Kelsey Flanagan is replacing Ernie Colombe, who is leaving to coach the boys team after 13 seasons with the girls. Colombe had plenty of success with the girls team, including ...

Running For a Cause: Kaneland to Host Flashlight 5k Run

Seth Nosek is running the 5k for not only his eagle scout project, but a friend who was diagnosed with cancer as well.

By: Sami Callaghan, Executive Editor

June 14, 2019

 Kaneland High School will be hosting a charity 5k on June 14, put together by KHS junior Seth Nosek as his Eagle project. Through this event, Nosek is able to combine two of his passions, running and Boy Scouts.     The 5k begins with a mile-long race for kids at 7:45 AM, and this is for p...

Live at Lollapalooza: UPSAHL

Live at Lollapalooza: UPSAHL

By: Sasha Clinnin, Editor

May 23, 2019

Summer in Chicago is coming up fast, which means that the beginning of summer music festival season is approaching, and talk about Lollapalooza is spreading like wildfire. The popular festival is more than just a multitude of bands booked for a marathon weekend. Everything about it is appealing to high s...

Saving the Earth

Sophomore Noah Treadway and Junior Nyalah Thomas help each other recycle.  These Brighter Future Club students help recycle every Thursday.

By: Jacob Booten, Reporter

March 14, 2018

There’s no Place Like Haiti

Photo courtesy of Taylor Parrott.

By: Samantha Callaghan, Reporter

March 13, 2018

    Most of us try our best to help those in need. A dedicated, and passionate senior, Taylor Parrott helps in an orphanage 1,806 miles away in Haiti. Since summer 2015 Parrott has been on four mission trips.     “A mission trip is where you're going, and volunteering in an internation...

Breaking the Stereotype

Junior Ashtyn Winkler prepares to weld.

By: Brett Wallner, Reporter

March 12, 2018

Not many people can say they’ve stepped out of their comfort zone, but junior Ashtyn Winkler is one of the few girls who decided to challenge themselves personally and physically to take welding. “In the beginning it was kind of scary because obviously I was the only girl. Later on I got to know...

Into the Flames

Into the Flames

By: Ben Durbala, Reporter

March 9, 2018

Fire Science is influential and helpful because of the career-like environment and the preparation it provides for the future. Senior Jeremy Salazar had been interested in taking Fire Science class ever since he first heard of it. He had an open mind when beginning the class, unaware of all the i...

So Much More Than a Game

Photo courtesy of

By: Ella Miller, Reporter

March 8, 2018

For softball varsity pitcher, Emilee Erickson, softball is much more than just an activity to pass the time after school. Without softball, Erickson would not have met her best friends or be the positive leader she is today. Erickson is a sophomore and has has been playing softball for 8 years on three ...

Capturing Life Through a Lens

Capturing Life Through a Lens

By: Gianna Provenzano, Reporter

March 7, 2018

Capturing life's beautiful moments almost everyday, junior Joie Obrock shares her experience being a young and talented photographer. Obrock's love for traveling and being around people has helped her find her passion for photography. “Ever since I was younger I always wanted a camera, and then ...

Adopted from Birth, Family for Life

Photo courtesy of the Theobald family.

By: Corinne Condos, Reporter

March 6, 2018

Many ponder about what life would be like if they were adopted. Sophomore Vanessa Theobald who was adopted at birth can tell them all about it. Vanessa Theobald lives in a family of four; including her parents, Annette and Richard Theobald and her older sister Hannah Theobald. Hannah Theobald was als...