“The Dark Tower” Goes to the Big Screen


Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

From the thrilling mind of horror novelist Stephen King, comes an intriguing adaptation of one of his bestselling series, “The Dark Tower.” Unlike Kings prior and undoubtedly terrifying works- (IT, Carrie, Under the Dome), this movie is more on a level of being a thriller and one of science fiction. Surprisingly enough, it’s a movie that delivers on the aspects of entertaining audiences.

I have never seen him so evil. Who am I referring to? None other than the usually charming on screen: Matthew McConaughey. He is the film’s antagonist who just so happens to be a very powerful sorcerer. It’s weird to see him in this form because I hadn’t pegged him to be an actor who could pull off being a villain. But it works, especially with his dark costuming.

Along with a terrifying and haunting McConaughey, there are two forces of light trying to vanquish the “man in black.” Idris Elba-(Thor, Zootopia) plays a gunslinger who lives in the same dimension as this bad guy.

And finally, you have a young boy with remarkable capabilities to have “shines” or so-called visions of the events of what will happen in this dimension. In the self-titled “Dark Tower,” our foe and part of hero reside. This young boy, Jake Chambers, played by Tom Taylor, is portrayed squeamishly, however, still lends positive contributions to this film.  

Adapting this 30 year old novel series is Danish filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel (The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo). To me, this somewhat unknown and up-and-coming director pulls off what I think what was supposed to be an entertaining film. He pulls it off with great action filled scenes containing vibrancy and consistency. Even though the acting isn’t on par with the entertaining action sequences and somewhat predictable story, it’s a job well done for Arcel.

To retain the film’s thrilling aspect, a haunting and fast-paced score by Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road) is used to keep audiences continuously engaged in the film.

If you’re looking for a good action-packed film, primarily relying on score and its original source material for which this film is based, you’re in luck, because this movie is easily one of 2017’s best action-sci-fi films.