Holiday Traditions Bringing Families Together

What holiday traditions do you and your family have? 


“In summer for the whole month we fast (abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink). It’s where you don’t eat or drink from sundown to sunrise. It’s to make you realize how thankful you are and then we give presents to each other and hang out with family,” senior Lum Azemi said.


“We celebrate Christmas on the eve, and we have a meatless feast with perogies, mushroom and crout dishes. Then after all that we stare up at the sky and once we see the first star we can start exchanging presents,” science Joanna Edelman said.


“In vietnam on Christmas we still have school that day until 5pm. Then after school we can go into town and buy clothes and items around there. After that we get to hang out with friends and celebrate with them, but we don’t have a tree or get to exchange gifts. It’s really different from here in America,” junior Loi Minh said.


“Me and my family usually set up the tree Christmas Eve, then make cookies and for the rest of the night watch movies,” sophomore Alyssa Fecarotta said.