Honored With the Title of Eagle Scout


Photo courtesy of Finn Gannon.

By: Sarah Baerenklau, Reporter

Everyone would always like to have the chance to say that they achieved their dream. Sophomore Robert Pettry got the chance to say he did. Being an Eagle Scout was was something he wanted since the age of six.

Pettry started in Cub Scouts at a young age. His parents wanted him to join boy scouts because his father was in boy scouts when he was a kid and wanted him to enjoy it. Pettry had no idea when he was younger what he would later accomplish being an Eagle Scout, the highest level of boy scouts.

The last step to becoming an Eagle Scout involves a big project. Pettry’s project was to throw a big picnic for special needs students. It had food, live music and a band. Along with lots of carnival games.

“This project kinda hit hard because my older brother Lesley has Autism and having him in the back of my mind had a big toll of pushing me through the project and keeping me going. I was glad I could do something for families where they won’t get looked at differently for having a special needs kid,” Pettry said.

The project altogether took about a year to complete. For cost he had to get everything planned out and approved. The total cost was $1,500. He had to then go out and fundraise for the project. All of the money for the picnic was donated or raised.

“This project had a mental and physical toll because I spent days and nights trying to get it together. It is very stressful to be running something so big and everyone is looking to you for answers but I got a lot of support from my friends and family to help keep my head in the game,” Pettry said.

The project was just a small part of becoming an Eagle scout. Pettry had to go through conferences with troop leaders and go through series of tests to become an Eagle Scout. It also comes with perks like getting to go to Jambories. That’s when boy scouts from all over the country and or world come and listen to people talk and do small activities.

“It’s kinda like a test I had to do a lot of prep work for the conferences. They would ask you questions like what does it mean to you to be an Eagle Scout and you would think that it’s like to help others and be a big part of the community. I mean, it is but they look for comments like an eagle scout to me means that I stand a little bit higher than all the rest,” Pettry said.

To be an eagle scout you have to show leadership and creativity. With all the stress and doubt that comes into play, he still pushed through and completed his goal.

“Robert is responsible and hardworking. He takes being the rank of Eagle scout very serious. He has made this troop better with his new leadership. I’m very proud of him because of what he accomplished,” troop leader Fred Grisch said.

“I take pride in being an Eagle scout and the person I became because of it,”  Pettry said.