Board Meeting 04.10.23


Photo By Katie Pfotenhauer

The board reviews the proposed additions to the student handbook for the 2023-24 school year. The handbook includes everyone from early childhood to twelfth grade.

     On Monday, April 10, Kaneland Community Unit School District 302 hosted its regularly scheduled board meeting at 7 p.m. in the sixth-grade team room at Kaneland Harter Middle School. All board members were present at the meeting. The meeting was a closed session and there were no public comments. After the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call, District Associate Superintendent Dr. Julie-Ann Fuchs recognized the quick actions that had taken place due to the severe weather conditions that coincided with the start of the school day.

     “On Wednesday, April 5, we woke up to [poor] weather. [When] the weather got worse, we had already had Kaneland buses on the road. We made a quick decision to have our buses follow the emergency procedures of [pulling over and seeking shelter],” Fuchs said. “[Not only do we] want to give a shoutout to our transportation bus drivers, director and assistant director, but also the Elburn Jewel-Osco for giving students and bus drivers shelter.”

     Following the salutes, the board moved to new business. The first item on the agenda was the public hearing and approval of the resolution authorizing an honorable reduction of support staff.

     Every year the administration looks at the needs of students by looking through the students who require Individualized Educational Program (IEP) plans, registrations and scheduling needs. Six paraprofessionals will be reduced fully. Three paraprofessionals will also go from full-time to part-time. 

     No audience members commented during the hearing. The board approved the honorable reduction and reduction of full-time to part-time for specific educational support personnel. 

     The next item under new business was the presentation of the student handbook for proposed additions for the 2023-24 school year.

     New additions to the handbook include physical education exemptions for special education support services, suicide and depression awareness and prevention, prohibition of trading and selling goods on school property between students and the ban of food delivery services delivering food to students during school hours. 

     Also, per state mandates, public middle and high school students are allowed one day-long excused absence for attending a civic event. Fines or loss of school property may also be waived for students who meet eligibility requirements.

     Following the approval of the handbook additions, the board moved to discuss the copier agreement.

     At the March 13 board meeting, the board requested more information regarding the copier lease. The board had two options. They could renew the five-year lease with Canon or extend the current lease for one additional year.

     The board followed the administrative recommendation of renewing the five-year lease with Canon. 

     The next item under new business was the discussion and approval of the student representative program for the 2023-24 school year. 

     Senior and student ambassador Lindsay Yost is the student representative for the board. The board’s feedback for having a student ambassador has been positive.

     “The board came away this year with a greater awareness of everything that is taking place at the [high] school from a student perspective,” District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Todd Leden said. 

     Once the board approved the continuation of the student representative program, the last item under new business was the approval of policies from the Policy Reference Education Subscription Service (PRESS). 

     There were questions on the library policy during the PRESS discussion. 

     When a parent or legal guardian does not want their child to read certain books, there is a library objection form they can fill out. The student would then not be able to check out that title. 

     “There is a benefit to the library objection [form]. It is one thing to share with the librarian, but they are servicing [many kids]. It has to be a formal documentative process,” District Director of Educational Services for early childhood to fifth grade Dr. Sarah Mumm said. 

     Following the last new business item, Leden and Yost gave their reports.

     As Leden shared in his report, the consolidated election was on Tuesday, April 4. The referendum did not pass, but EOSullivan Consulting will give an update on some of the findings from the referendum results. At the next board meeting on May 8, the board will be reorganized based on election results. 

     Following Leden’s report, Yost gave an update on the high school.

     “This past weekend, The Wizard of Oz musical was performed at the Egyptian Theatre. I heard everyone was excited about that. I wanted to congratulate everyone involved in making it such an entertaining and great show,” Yost said. 

     The next board meeting will be held on Monday, April 24.