Coincidental car accident causes power outage

By: Erika Leeper, Editor

Kaneland students entered school cautiously on Tuesday, November 10, due to an announcement regarding a “threat to school safety” that parents received the previous night.

The high school and district officials came to the conclusion that it was safe to have school on Tuesday, with the presence of safeguards inside the building.

“I thought the procedure went smooth… we brought in extra staff and security,” security guard Corey Landers said.

Coincidentally, a car accident occurred that morning, resulting in a power outage at the high school and throughout parts of Maple Park and Kaneville. Many concerned students contacted parents and were released from school.

“I felt kind of safe. I mean, my teacher kept us in the classroom and made sure everyone was calm,” sophomore Maggie Burger said.

Shortly after a message was sent to parents regarding the events of the morning, the power returned to the school and the day proceeded as usual.

The unfortunate power outage at the beginning of the day was coincidence and had no relation to the threats of the students’ safety.

“Students overall felt safe here,” Landers said.