How People in Italy are Managing Life in Full Lockdown


Photo By Ayshe Ali

Photo taken in Venice, Italy.

COVID-19, or coronavirus, has become a global pandemic directly affecting 119 countries and counting. Some of those countries have been hit harder than others. One example is Italy. With over 40,000 identified cases of coronavirus and over 4,000 deaths, Italy has become the most affected by the virus. To keep the virus controlled, Italy has been on lockdown since March 6, and the government has set strict rules on when and why you can leave your house. Christina Higgins, an American living in Italy, spoke to CNN on the struggles people are facing.
“It’s very difficult. It’s very, very difficult,” Higgins said. “It is, unfortunately despite all that Italy has done, they think that it may not be enough.”
There doesn’t seem to be much of a bright side when looking at the situation in Italy. But despite everything that’s going on, people are trying to find ways to boost their spirits and create light from the darkness of this pandemic. Videos have surfaced on various social media of people singing the Italian national anthem with planes flying overhead and the colors of the Italian flag streaking behind them. Other musicians, whether professional or not, sing and play their instruments together on their balconies.
“It’s not like we’re maestros. It’s a moment of joy in this moment of anxiety,” an unnamed Italian woman told CNN.
During a time where human interaction is discouraged, people have found other ways, like musical performances, to show support for each other. But it’s not only the average citizens who are putting their efforts together to get by. Doctors and nurses are getting plenty of recognition, whether they are Italian or not.
“We want to thank doctors and nurses,” Italian resident Cristina Del Fabbro said. “They can’t stay safe at home as we do. They are tired and worried but they stay there, for those who get sick and need them.”
Plenty of people have never lived through anything quite like this, and it can be tough to find any good in a situation where people are forced into quarantine and not allowed to interact in person with their friends and even some family. It’s normal to feel upset about what’s going on with the coronavirus, but it’s also important to keep a positive outlook and try to stay calm. Italy is a great example of this. As a country that is currently suffering the most, even having recently surpassed China in terms of the number of fatalities, no one would be surprised if they were in a full panic. Yet, it seems (from a distance, at least) that people have managed to stay composed and responsible. They’re using this time to connect with their neighbors and uplift each other’s spirits. It’s important to remember that with time and effort, this pandemic will subside and we can go back to living as we used to. We as people just have to remember to stay strong, hopeful and remember that we are all going through this together.