App Assists Students with Grades


By: Caitlyn Rawers, Editor in Chief of Print

     Students who constantly want to predict their grade now have an app to assist them. The Gradebook app uses information that students already have to accurately predict their overall grade in the class.

     While this tool is relatively straightforward to use, it is time consuming and requires information that may not be readily available. In order to use this app, you need to know the weight of each category of grades. For example, summative grades weigh 60 percent of the overall grade, formative grades weigh 30 percent of the overall grade and the final exam weighs 10 percent of the overall grade.

     This information is available from the course syllabus that a student receives at the beginning of the course. If they didn’t keep the course syllabus, the student would have to ask their teacher for that information.

     Using Tyler SIS to access my grades, I inputted all of my work for a few classes. This was time consuming, but if a student began using the app at the beginning of the semester, it would not be as much of a problem. But, it still requires vigilance on the student’s behalf to continually check their grades and input them into the app.

      After inputting everything, the app showed my overall grade. The grades were within two percent of the grades on Tyler SIS, so it is pretty accurate.

     This app is designed to help students predict their grades. A student can input what they believe they scored on an assignment and see how it changes their overall grade.

     The app itself has a pretty easy to use interface. It’s straightforward and it is easy to transfer grades from Tyler SIS to it.

      So, if you are the type of student who wants to know what your grade could be, this app would be a useful tool for you.