Make Time to Travel


Photo By Emily Biala

Traveling allows an insight to a multitude of cultures and new experiences. Emily Biala visited her sister Elizabeth Biala, who was at the time, studying in Paris, France.

     Many of us are guilty of spending way too much time on TikTok at one time or another. To be fair, some of the 30-second videos we watch can be inspiring. Recently, there has been a shift in the media, focusing on taking care of yourself and living life to its fullest potential. However, that feeling of inspiration is often replaced by something else after the next video is introduced to us on our feed. As high schoolers, now is the perfect time to figure out what we want in life. Yet, we waste too much of our time watching other people living the best versions of themselves online instead of doing anything to change ours.

     That is not to say that we never put in the effort to better ourselves. We simply watch others accomplish goals we believe to be too far out of reach when that is simply not the case. A prime example of this is traveling. We may look at people living abroad and think of it as a fantasy, but it shouldn’t be. Everyone should try to travel regularly; there are too many diverse countries and cultures to not consider traveling.

     It is actually proven that traveling has benefits on your health. Simply planning a trip can increase your sense of happiness, and traveling itself helps manage and reduce stress. Traveling can even prevent heart attacks. According to an academic blog called, men who have not taken a vacation in several years are 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack.

     Traveling has the ability to take you out of your comfort zone. Not only will you be seeing new places and experiencing things you haven’t before, but traveling also enriches your experiences and can help you see the true meaning of life. Too many of us become overly materialistic and focus on things that aren’t making us happy. Taking a trip can help us put life into perspective and focus more on what we want. We can grow to understand what it means to be happy instead of dreaming about cars that cost as much as houses. provided a Cornell study from 2012 that found this to be true: paying for travel experiences leaves people happier than buying materialistic goods.

     Through exploring these new places, we also experience new cultures and cuisines. Traveling is perhaps the most effective way to see the world and live your life the way people around the globe do. From festivals, ceremonies and foods, it is the only way to touch the surface of what the cultures around the world have to offer. You can also discover places you never knew existed. There is plenty of beautiful scenery many don’t see. Too many people never consider that those images could become reality. Nothing will equal the beauty of seeing an adventure first hand over reading about it or viewing an image. 

     Similar to experiencing new cultures, you could also learn a language. While it might just be a few words (or maybe many), traveling offers the best excuse to learn a language. You can impress the locals and even your family while gaining knowledge that helps enhance your brain. According to an article from Lead with Language, learning languages are among the top eight skills required for all occupations.

     So, if having fun and discovering more about yourself isn’t enough, there are always the career benefits to consider. Some people argue that having a job that makes a lot of money is the best option. However, traveling can provide a source of excitement to your career. After all, if the point of life is to do what makes you happy, then why work a job you hate? Traveling can be a great way to incorporate adventure and a variety of interests into work. Additionally, if your future career interest is what’s preventing you from traveling, there are always opportunities to plan ahead. Talk with your boss about when and how many vacation days are available for you.

     Choosing to travel at some point in your life can be extremely beneficial. There are so many places to go depending on your interests. If you are more drawn to cities, try London, Tokyo or Barcelona, rich with culture and art. For sight-seeing there is the Ruyi Bridge in China offers unbelievable views and amazing architecture. Lake Combo in Villa Monastero, Italy, is the perfect relaxing getaway, and Odda, Norway, is home to unique homes, landscapes and beautiful cliffs and waterfalls.

     No matter where you decide to travel, it’s the perfect way to benefit your health and self-confidence and practice open-mindedness. There are so many opportunities to fit traveling into your work schedule, and no one should completely cross it off their to-do list because it seems too unreal for them. The lives you feel inspired by could just as easily be yours.