Perks and Pitfalls of my Parent Working at KHS


Photo By Kt Mattern

Being a junior at Kaneland, I’ve learned that there is way more benefits than drawbacks when it comes to having my mom, aka Mrs. Faletto, work in the same building.

By: Gabrielle Faletto, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like having your mom or dad work at Kaneland High School? Walking through the hallway towards your second period class and seeing your mom, or as students know her as Mrs. Faletto, within eyesight, is any teenager’s worst nightmare. However, for me, it’s just a normal day at KHS.

We exchange a smile and a wave and go our separate ways. Even though I don’t have my mom as my teacher, there are some pros and cons about having her in the same building. Despite that, it is more of a benefit than a drawback.  

For instance, I never have to take the bus. I mean who wouldn’t love having their own chauffeur to school every morning?

However, this means I have to arrive at school a half an hour earlier than everyone else and have to stay after school an hour later.

When I was a freshman and sophomore, before I was able to drive myself to school, I’d rather go in earlier than take the bus. Plus, since she is a special education teacher, her classroom has lots of resources and is a perfect place for me to study and complete homework before and after school.

Of course with every pro, there must a con. In this case, one of the cons of having my mom work in the building is that on the first day of school, all my teachers already know me by name, which prompts them to call on me more often, along with holding high expectations.

On the other hand, if I am falling a little behind in class and my teacher wants to talk with my parents, my mom is only a couple doors down the hall. Although this isn’t a big issue for me, I guarantee other KHS students might not like having their parent within earshot of their teacher.

Speaking of my mom being only a couple doors down the hall, this is a huge benefit for me. For example, if I ever forget to get a permission slip signed, no problem, or even if I am in need for a piece of gum, no problem. She has a drawer full of gum! Need to keep my sport equipment somewhere? No problem. Let’s say I wanted to buy a Kaneland rowdie t-shirt in the cafeteria and needed $5, no problem. Whether it be money or gum, my mom always has my back. It’s times like these where I’m grateful she is under the same roof.

One of my favorite memories of having my mom work at KHS is when we get to dress up for spirit week. Whether it be me dressing up in a poodle skirt and her rocking a black leather jacket as Sandy from Grease, it’s always fun to see her get involved in school spirit.

I am not one to get embarrassed by my mom. If she wants to dress up like Taylor Swift during spirit week on celebrity day, fine by me.

I even talked her into sponsoring the Ski and Snowboard Club so that the club would continue having trips.

So in the long run, it isn’t so bad having your parent work at your school. I’m just grateful she knows not to blow kisses or give me a huge bear hug when I squeeze past her in the blender.