Kaneland Krier

Kaneland’s Move Toward E-learning

Cartoon by Kt Mattern

By: Jenna Lin, Editor

March 6, 2019

With this generation’s fast-paced lifestyle, the world has become far more technologically advanced. In order to stay connected and maximize the use of technology and time in school, many schools are taking steps to embed E-learning into their curriculum. As for Kaneland, E-learning has been an ongoing ...

Freshman Finishes Season on Varsity

Freshman Finishes Season on Varsity

By: Jenna Lin, Reporter

November 12, 2018

Even as a freshman, Evie Taylor is in the spotlight of the Kaneland varsity tennis team. After Taylor unexpectedly made varsity, the stakes changed for her. “During tryouts I had no clue I would make varsity. My goal was just to make the team and have a good season. After I had been told I made ...