Kaneland Krier

The Lost Meaning of Admiration

Charlie Platt stands proudly in the Montgomery Ridge Ambulance Service parking lot. Platt has dedicated his life to serving others.

By: Sophie Opp

April 23, 2020

As of March 5, social media star Chase Hudson has 15.1 million followers on the TikTok platform. Nearly every teenager knows Hudson’s name or his username on the app, “lilhuddy.” On top of that, most teenagers probably happen to be one of his followers. At just 17-years old, Hudson is considered to  ...

Self Esteem & Social Media

Twitter is often used during study hall in the  KHS library.

By: Sami Callaghan

June 20, 2018

     I know as a teenager, we are under a lot of pressure to maintain good grade, keep up with homework, a social life, and with our social lives comes social media. What I share on social media is all positive, and what I see others post on social media is also positive. Usually glorifying the fun, and...