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Kaneland Krier

Time for the College Football Playoff to expand

By: Ben Warford, Co-Sports and Activities Executive February 2, 2023

     In August 2024, the College Football Playoff (CFP) will expand from a four-team format to a 12-team format. This change marks the end of the 10-year run in which the world saw the CFP Committee...

The problem with Tesla

By: Zoey Pozen, Co-Social Media Manager & Co-Sports and Activities Executive January 23, 2023

     Tesla, an American automotive company managed by CEO Elon Musk, designs and manufactures cars that are appealing to the eye, run on electric batteries and have self-driving abilities as well as...

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages that contain caffeine. Daily consumption of caffeine can lead to future risk factors.

Limiting caffeine intake is essential to stay healthy

By: Lillie Bobé, Photos Editor January 19, 2023

     Caffeine, most notably found in soda, energy drinks, chocolate and coffee, is consumed daily by many. Consuming caffeine is normalized in everyday life, such as how many people drink coffee to...

Lowering our voices enhances purposes

By: Ashley Vanderhoff, Design and Ads & Business Executive January 11, 2023

     I always felt the need to argue, and my opinion, or personality, was essential to the topic. While I still condone speaking out during political and moral disagreements, I also realize there is...

European beauty standards have become a societal goal to achieve, which causes adverse effects on those who do not fit those standards. Blue eyes, blonde hair and upturned noses are some of the features that fall under this standard.

The adverse effects of European beauty standards

By: Dane Coyne, Opinion 2 Editor October 28, 2022

     Over the years, society has made a lot of progress when it comes to racial justice. Society is much more accepting of people who are non-white, and that is more than we can say we had going for...

A large plastic bottle and two jars overflow with loose coins. Using spare change is a simple task that is easy and beneficial.

Using spare change in purposeful ways

By: Ashley Vanderhoff, Design and Ads & Business Executive October 4, 2022

     Deep in the corner of my parents' closet is a plastic soda bottle, reaching at least two feet tall, dedicated only to spare change. I have a distinct memory of growing up with that bottle, the...

Traveling allows an insight to a multitude of cultures and new experiences. Emily Biala visited her sister Elizabeth Biala, who was at the time, studying in Paris, France.

Make Time to Travel

By: Ashley Vanderhoff, Editor March 14, 2022

     Many of us are guilty of spending way too much time on TikTok at one time or another. To be fair, some of the 30-second videos we watch can be inspiring. Recently, there has been a shift in the...

Biggest Oscar Snubs and Shockers

By: Sarah Janito, Production Executive February 28, 2022

     Nominations for the 2022 Academy Awards (along with the first hosts in years) were announced on Feb. 8. While some films seemed like shoe-ins for nominations, that did not stop some shocking ones...

Should Schools still Teach Cursive?

By: Mikalah Seward, Reporter February 18, 2022

     I see cursive at random times every day. Scribbled on the front of my paycheck. Scrawled across the top of a poster. My English teacher’s instructions written on the whiteboard. But the kid sitting...

Kaneland needs to be more flexible with snow days

By: Katie Pfotenhauer, Reporter February 11, 2022

     If there is anything that Kaneland has learned through the whole pandemic, it is to be flexible. We are accustomed to remote learning, and it would be ideal to stay home in severe conditions. So,...

Superhero films are important

By: Sarah Janito, Production Executive January 16, 2022

     Many directors, such as Martin Scorsese, Denis Villeneuve and Francis Ford Coppola, have all made similar statements regarding superhero films, and they all have dicey opinions. Scorsese, for example,...

A cup of freshly brewed rose oolong tea is a great way to start your day. Oolong tea contains a decent amount of caffeine to keep you awake.

The Benefits of Drinking Tea

By: Paige Whiteside, Editor October 6, 2021

     Tea is a popular drink that comes in various forms- but many do not know all of the benefits of drinking tea. Natural ingredients that are in certain teas have been known to improve the skin, help...

Why Now is not the Time to Reopen the United States from COVID-19 Regulations

By: Kevin Sigrist, Editor September 29, 2021

     Over the past several months, a large portion of Americans have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, and deaths or infections from the virus have gone down a good amount. Many citizens and unfortunately...

This artwork depicts a variety of languages and landmarks from around the world. Learning a second language is an integral part of exploring the many cultures of the world we live in.

Learn a Language in your Teenage Years

By: Ashley Vanderhoff, Editor July 7, 2021

     It is a known fact that very few Americans are bilingual. Meanwhile, most Europeans and a lot of the world enjoy the pleasures of being multilingual. While language is such a deep connection to...

Balancing Sleep in Teens

Balancing Sleep in Teens

By: Madison Kleivo, Reporter April 28, 2021

Teenagers are used to being on the go constantly. From trying to balance sports, friends and schoolwork, students have left out one of the most important tasks of their day. They struggle to balance their...

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