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Is being a superhuman attainable?

Is being a superhuman attainable?

By: Caitlyn Rawers, Editor in Chief

December 5, 2016

Colleges and employers expect students to bring a lot to the table. Their idea of a perfect candidate is a person who volunteers, has a healthy social life, has good grades, was involved in extracurriculars and has a special talent. Although some of these are attainable, it’s impossible for one perso...

A pair of shoes does not fix world poverty

A pair of shoes does not fix world poverty

By: Jessica Tiv, Editor

September 30, 2016

Giving back and helping those in need are positive attributes that many individuals consider necessary in being a kind and considerate human being. Companies such as TOMS and Yoobi help consumers achieve this goal by providing basic necessities, such as shoes and pencils when an item is purchased...

Rio chooses temporary tourism over citizens health

Locals of Rio are angry that the government has decided to spend billions on the Olympic Games.

By: Jessica Tiv, Editor

June 20, 2016

Why hosting the Olympics is bad for Rio Imagine walking the trash-filled and rat-infested streets without any money clothes, shelter, or even food. Then imagine that your own government decides to pay for the Olympics rather that its own citizens. This is what many of the 5,500 adults and millions o...

Summer school creating brighter minds

Summer school is a popular option to keep students productive during the summer months.

By: Jessica Tiv, Editor

June 5, 2016

Most students spend their summer traveling, watching Netflix or constantly sleeping. However, there are some students who decide to take summer courses to graduate early, get ahead, catch up or to get required courses out of the way. These motivated students need to be offered more summer courses ...

GoFundMe goes off the beaten path

GoFundMe goes off the beaten path

By: Madeline Mohatt, Executive

May 31, 2016

What was once a crowdfunding platform to raise money for challenging, unfortunate incidents, or illness, has transformed into a selfish plea to repair a cracked iPhone screen, or hopeful wish to attend a Justin Bieber concert. GoFundMe: the world's number one "philanthropic" website. The fundraising...

In love with the idea of ‘love’

The idea of love is skewed by society.

By: Bridget McCracken, Reporter

March 15, 2016

Telling someone that you love them seems to say so much without actually meaning anything. The words are empty. Especially at this age, it’s hard to know if you actually love someone or just think you do. You can’t truly love anyone in high school. Love is an intense feeling of great affection a...

The last thing seniors want to take part in their final days of high school: exams

As spring rolls around, final exams are the last thing on senior's minds.

By: Gabby Cano, Assistant to the advisor

March 14, 2016

In a few short months, Northern Illinois University [NIU] will be overflowing with distant relatives, tear-stained parents and apprehensive students with a crisp Kaneland High School diploma in hand. Seniors will spend the next upcoming months hastily applying for scholarships, preparing for prom ...

Holy cow, milk isn’t so mighty

Holy cow, milk isn't so mighty

By: Alicia Rocha, Editor

January 25, 2016

Humans drink milk from the day they are born just like any other mammal, but do they actually need to drink it after infancy? According to Medical News Today, about 75 percent of people around the world are not able to digest milk because they lack the enzyme lactase. Despite this lactose intolerance...

Familiar storyline makes acting easier

Freshman at Kaneland High School read Romeo and Juliet.

By: Annika Berger, Reporter

November 18, 2015

This year’s fall play is Romeo and Juliet. It’s a familiar story for most students here at KHS, considering everyone studies this play their freshman year of English. Sophomore Grayson Bilskey, plays Paris, the coveted bachelor and suitor to Juliet. “I think I prefer acting because when we r...

School lunches come with a price tag

School lunches come with a price tag

By: Hannah Nauert, Editor

September 22, 2015

Every day numerous students purchase their lunch in the school cafeteria. What they do not know is how much they are truly spending on their meal. While looking at the food one can purchase, only some of the items display their price. If Kaneland is going to change anything in the lunch room, it should...

Escaping the in-crowd

Jenner transfers from the

By: Erika Leeper, Editor

June 23, 2015

While growing up, I was always told to be myself and not to follow the in-crowd. This message is displayed everywhere, on television, in books and even at school. So, if we are supposed to be ourselves, why look down upon Bruce Jenner deciding to become a woman if he’s finally comfortable with himself? Before...

Warmer weather challenges the dress code

Warmer weather challenges the dress code

By: Hannah Nauert, Reporter

April 14, 2015

Summertime has come and you’re stuck sitting in your jeans because shorts are too revealing to wear to school. The school dress codes are harsher towards females, restricts what they can wear, and takes away freedom of expression through their clothes. The dress code is stricter towards females...

Dress code targets girls

Reporter Samantha Nuno

By: Samantha Nuno, Reporter

April 1, 2015

Reading the Kaneland High School student handbook made me realize that almost all the rules of dress code aims to hide females’ shoulders and other body parts. The average student’s outfit is usually a t-shirt and jeans. Although, in the beginning and end of the year, Kaneland school district tends...

Men need feminism too

Lauren Lindow is a reporter for the Kaneland Krier.

By: Lauren Lindow, Reporter

March 5, 2015

Recently on Twitter, the hash-tag #Meninist has been used to protest against feminism. What these “meninists” don’t realize is that their problems can be solved through feminism. Feminism is not about hating men, it’s about equality. It’s called “feminism” because it acknowledges the...

Keeping the moment of silence

Kristen Becker is a reporter on the Kaneland Krier

By: Kaitlyn Becker, Reporter

March 5, 2015

At the beginning of the day I find myself rushing to my first hour class. I’m almost always late, and come in right after the pledge, during the moment of silence. When I walk in I see kids sitting down, talking, and overall disregarding the act of  silence. Thirty-seconds of students’ morning...

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