One and Done, a Quick Calorie Burner

One and Done, a Quick Calorie Burner

By: Jessica Tiv, Design and visual manager

Tired? Out of time? Trouble committing to a New Year’s resolution? The 7 Quick Fit app claims it’s “all it takes to get in shape” and is a “scientifically proven, full body workout.” But is it?

This app available for free on the app store provides a seven minute workout which includes 12, 30 seconds exercises and 10 second rests and offers great at home exercises. However, it is merely a warm up.

After using this a couple of times, I can definitively say that it did not make me sweat. However, some good aspects of this app is that it still allowed me to listen to music while it ran, and it kept encouraging me to keep going.

This app also targets all different muscle groups and alternates between them, but it did not make me sore in the morning.

In order for me to actually start sweating and start breathing heavily, I had to do five repetitions of this workout.

A 3.5 out of 5 stars, this app is great for anyone who has a busy schedule and can’t make it to the gym, but compared to my normal gym workout, which consists of 30 minutes of cardio and 60 minutes of strength training, it is not a complete workout.