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Choices to Satisfy all Tastebuds

Choices to Satisfy all Tastebuds

By: KT Mattern, Editor

March 29, 2018

Acting as a timeless food stamp at birthday parties, graduation and just about any kind of celebration, cake has been the perfect dash of sweet for special occasions. Nothing Bundt Cakes takes the classic recipe to a whole other level. Trading in the square look, they shape their cakes in a ring, a...

Summer Sunrise Mixed with Post-Emo Vibes

Summer Sunrise Mixed with Post-Emo Vibes

By: Abril Salinas, Editor

March 28, 2018

When hearing the name “Hippo Campus” some might think of the seahorse-shaped part of the brain that processes long and short-term memory, but it's also the name of a band. With members Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker, Zach Sutton and Whistler Allen, Hippo Campus is one of the best bands of this gene...

Sushi Satisfaction

Shima's Sushi provides enjoyment through the many dishes offered.

By: Matt Cushman, Ad and Business Manager

March 27, 2018

Trying new things is always an interesting experience. Discovering whether you like a product or not can change your life, such as if you enjoy eating raw fish. Shima’s Sushi is a sushi restaurant in Wasco that serves many types of sushi from tuna to deep fried to vegetarian, you can find a type of sushi fo...

Game Face or Relaxing Night in?

Game Face or Relaxing Night in?

By: Priscilla Purnell, Editor

March 26, 2018

Urban Decay all Nighter Makeup Spray    A recently new product Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray has become my all time favorite makeup setting spray. According to urbandecay.com the spray is long lasting, temperature control technology, oil free and paraben free. For the past 3 mon...

One and Done, a Quick Calorie Burner

One and Done, a Quick Calorie Burner

By: Jessica Tiv, Design and visual manager

March 22, 2018

Tired? Out of time? Trouble committing to a New Year's resolution? The 7 Quick Fit app claims it’s “all it takes to get in shape” and is a “scientifically proven, full body workout.” But is it? This app available for free on the app store provides a seven minute workout which includes 1...

Flower Boy Brings New Things to the Hip-Hop World

Flower Boy Brings New Things to the Hip-Hop World

By: Evangelos Lekkas, Editor

July 25, 2017

With the influx of bad hip hop piercing the airwaves this decade, it is refreshing to hear rappers bring new things to the table. New ideas and evolution are what remind me of why I love hip hop in the first place. Odd Future did just that when they released their debut mixtape in 2008. Although they...

“Dunkirk” Keeps Audience on Edge

By: Alex Malawski, Reporter

July 24, 2017

One of my all-time favorite directors, Christopher Nolan, dawns the screen with an emotional, riveting, and captivating essence with this "World War II" drama-thriller. Unlike other war epics, Dunkirk has unrelenting heart and succeeds as a detailed and emotional film. However, there is something a litt...

Bands who deserve a different reputation

The Head and The Heart fly under the radar as a great band

By: Emma Wallace, Editor

May 21, 2014

Underrated:   1) The Head and the Heart The Head and the Heart, an indie folk-rock band from Seattle, was formed in the summer of 2009. The group consists of six members, the lead vocalists being Jonathan Russell and Charity Rose Thielen. While everyone gushes over the Lumineers, this band is ...

The best spoken word artists of our generation

Bo Burnham reads his poetry on stage

By: Jack Coyle, Editor

May 21, 2014

Poetry has been around for as long as language has been communicated. From Homer and Dante to Virginia Woolf and Robert Frost, poets have transcended time with their lyrics. Unfortunately after the Beat Generation died off, so did many American's love for the art. The poet of our generation is not as...

Novel leaves reader with new appreciations

Sherman Alexie won multiple awards for

By: Noelle Espino, Editor

March 13, 2014

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a realistic fiction novel, largely based on the author’s, Sherman Alexie’s, life. Using a unique voice and a twist of  dark humor, Alexie has written a novel that both entertains and informs. Growing up on a Spokane reservation, Arnold Spirit...

Artists to look for in 2014 (cont.)

Artists to look for in 2014 (cont.)

By: Evan Ortiz, Michele McCracken, and McKayla Helm

March 13, 2014

Rap:  Chance the Rapper Chance the Rapper is an up and coming star hailing from Chicago whose vast success is sweeping the nation due to his rigorous tour schedule, all at the ripe young age of 20. Chancellor Bennet’s rap career started after some off time from school during a 10 day susp...

Artists to look for in 2014

By: Michelle McCracken and McKayla Helm, Executive Editors

January 31, 2014

John Newman The English singer and musician John Newman is best known for his song “Love Me Again” which topped the UK Singles Chart this past July and managed a decent 59 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Soulful music pours out behind the main highlight, his equally heart-wrenching voice, in nearl...

Movies recommended for Kaneland peers

Photo by IMDB

By: Alexia Orosco, Executive Editor

January 24, 2014

If you enjoy “Happy Gilmore,” then you’d like “Elf”... The popular comical film “Happy Gilmore” starring Adam Sandler features a childlike character (Sandler) who is a determined, yet completely untalented, hockey player. He’s consistent towards reaching his dream as a professional...