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Commercials these days aren’t eye-catching

A GEICO ad is gazed upon

March 15, 2013

  BY CLAUDIA TOVAR, Editor Commercials have come to the point where they begin showing off their humorous side, but not everyone finds it amusing. Producers try to humor their audience, but it instead creates an even worse commercial. Television seems to have commercials that have no point or even make any sense. It makes a person think, “Why are they doing wh...

Reality is dramatics, not really what life is about

March 12, 2013

By: HANNAH WALLACE, Editor Reality television has become an integral part of American culture. We identify with the characters, and cross our fingers that the story-line will continue to go the direction we want it to. The formats vary from food shows to singing competitions to dancing competitions...

The internet isn’t different from the world

March 12, 2013

By: JAEMEE CORDERO, Editor Whenever people are out in public – whether it be shopping with friends or going to see a movie – they are always sure to have their personal belongings close to them or those precious items might be stolen.  They are careful about being so open with some random stranger...

Value Human Life over Texting

Texting and driving can be lethal, causing many deaths a year to both pedestrians and other drivers. Photo by Amelia Likeum.

February 3, 2013

      By McKayla Helm, Editor With technology on the rise, some people seem to confuse what’s really significant in life. This confusion appears to be everywhere, even in the courtrooms, and it is wrong. When it comes down to it, human life should be valued. People are not handli...

The Best Christmas Movies of All Time

December 20, 2012

According to Andy Williams, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and many of us agree.      Who doesn’t like hot chocolate and snow? Or bowl games and family time? Everyone has a different way of entertained during the holiday season, but we can all agree that a Christmas movie can bring a...

End of the world

End of the world

December 13, 2012

BY SARAH DRATNOL, Editor The world is absolutely NOT ending on Dec. 21. There are numerous people talking about how the world will supposedly end as we know it. This is just because the Mayan calendar stopped on that date. Many speculations of the end of the world exist around the world, and all of them will be pro...

Society is making violence acceptable

Kaleb Schuppner

December 7, 2012

By Kaleb Schuppner, EXECUTIVE EDITOR Everyone has a moral compass; this doesn’t necessarily mean that all people are the most pleasant, but people usually at least have a decent idea of right and wrong. People tend to have a wide range of opinions on controversial topics because of their views on...

Marching band gets a waiver out of gym

Photo taken by Katrina Paulick

December 7, 2012

  By: Courtney Diddell, Editor Day after day, season after season, hardworking high school athletes practice everyday after school during the season. Despite this physical activity, they must take a Physical Education course during the school year. “Since I do sports year round, I don’t think gym is necessary. I think we should jus...

Caught Reading: English Teacher Christina Montalto

Caught Reading: English Teacher Christina Montalto

November 29, 2012

BY SARAH DRATNOL, Editor Ever since the rise of social media, student reading has gone from a normal pastime to a homework assignment. English teacher Christina Montalto has noticed that students don’t have enough patience to just sit down with a book and read anymore. According to Montalto, if social media and other electronic distractions di...

Sophomores not able to park?

October 29, 2012

Kaneland classes have grown to odd amounts of people. There are more students entering the school than there are graduating. As the class sizes get bigger it appears that the parking spaces don’t grow with them. This means sadly, it has become an issue with the amount of people being able to park in...

Transitioning for the better

Transitioning for the better

October 17, 2012

Spontaneous road trips, endless hours of freedom, concerts, and trips to the beach are now being replaced by pop quizzes, structured time, athletic events, and homework. This can seem daunting, or it can be seen as an opportunity; a cleansing of the perhaps tedious, overwhelming, or lengthy summer we...

Schedule change is challenging all of us

September 26, 2012

BY CLAUDIA TOVAR, Editor I am not in favor with the new schedule because it brings chaos to the hallways every day. On the block schedule we had four classes every day. Now, we have eight. Students have to rush from class to class, and freshman have the stress of getting lost. By the end of the first...

When freedom is taken for granted

Art by Rachael Clinton.

June 1, 2012

By Ashlyn Slamans, Guest Writer For starters, what I’m about to share is from a very personal conviction. Last summer, I spent six weeks in Central America with a team of young adults chosen from the U.S. We worked within impoverished communities alongside churches traveling throughout countries. Due to privacy and politica...

Don’t take hoodies the wrong way

June 1, 2012

Clothing is thought to be one of the easiest ways to guess what type of person someone is. This isn’t true, of course, and there’s a saying, “Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover.” A hoodie is technically a  cover, right? While it seems like just a comfy piece of clothing that athletes...

The WBC takes the protests too far

June 1, 2012

There I am, sitting in Government class. My teacher presents current events like he usually does, every so often. Only this time, he informs the class of the Supreme Court ruling on the Snyder vs. Westboro Baptist Church case. Albert Snyder, a father of a soldier, sued the Westboro Baptist Church for...

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