Kaneland Krier

Athlete of the Month: Ben Barnes

Senior Ben Barnes competes in multiple events for the track team.

By: Becca Geringer, Reporter

April 14, 2015

Ben Barnes Grade: Senior Sport: Track & Field Position: Long jump, Triple jump, Sprints Why he was selected: Ben Barnes was chosen because of his excellent performance in long jump and scoring 22 out of 55 points at one of their track meets this season. Why did you join track? "I w...

Athlete of the Month: Paige Guyton

Sophomore Paige Guyton plays outside midfield for the girls soccer team.

By: Devon Buri, Reporter

April 14, 2015

Paige Guyton Grade: Sophomore Sport: Soccer Position: Outside Midfield Number: 5 Why she was selected: Guyton is a returning varsity player, and this year she has proved herself on the field. She has scored multiple goals during the girls soccer season.  How long have you been playing...

Athlete of the Month: Ryan David

Junior Ryan David is a returning varsity basketball player.

By: Alicia Rocha, Reporter

March 2, 2015

Ryan David Sport: Basketball Position: Small Forward Number:4 Why he was selected: Throughout this season, returning varsity player Ryan David has consistently maintained a high standard of playing and demonstrates skill on the court.  What do you need to work on? “My leadership and ...

Athlete of the month: Dominique Lee

Junior Dominique Lee competed in the sectional competition for bowling.

By: Megan Wolski, Reporter

March 2, 2015

Dominique Lee Grade: Senior Sport: Bowling Why she was chosen: Lee proved to be a vital component to the bowling team. She was the only player to advance to sectionals recently. What do you feel you need to work on? “Just keeping my focus and hitting the right mark to get where I need ...

Athlete of the Month: Austin Kedzie

Wrester Austin Kedzie hopes to win conference with his team this season.

By: Jason Edwards, Reporter

January 21, 2015

Austin Kedzie Sophomore Sport: Wrestling Position: N/A Number: N/A Why he was selected: Kedzie scored in the top eight at a recent tournament, and he continuously helps out his teammates.  What is it that you need to work on the most for the rest of this season, and the seasons to ...

Athlete of the Month: Bailey Crimmins

Junior Bailey Crimmins is a key player for the girls basketball team.

By: Grace Dodis, Reporter

January 21, 2015

Bailey Crimmins Junior Sport: Girls Baskebtall Position: Center Number: 35 Why she was selected: Crimmins has been a key player this season for the Lady Knights. She is one of the leading scorers and rebounders as well. What do you do to contribute to the team? “My rebounding skills during ...

Athlete of the Month: Dylan Vaca

Junior Dylan Vaca.

By: Dylan Mondi, Reporter

December 12, 2014

Grade: Junior Position: Guard Number: 20   Why he was selected: Vaca was chosen because he showed excellent leadership despite a 1-3 start by leading the Knights to a victory against the Marine Military Academy. How do you feel you have done this year? So far I’ve done good, but there is always r...

Athlete of the Month: Camri Conley

Junior Camri Conley.

By: Rebecca Geringer, Reporter

December 12, 2014

Sport: Girls Basketball Grade: Junior Position: Guard   Why she was selected: Camri was chosen as the athlete of the month because of her outstanding performance on the court. She helped lead her team to victory in the first tournament this season, scoring 26 points in the overall four games. ...