Kaneland Krier

Stepping Up Your College Search

Aurora University is a private school with almost 6,000 students. Virtual visits were made accessible on their website to accommodate COVID-19 procedures.

By: Karmyn Hookham, Editor

July 11, 2020

The dreaded college search can be stressful and overwhelming when you look at it as a whole. With the pressure to not only find your perfect school but to also keep your grades up, to participate in extracurriculars and to gain community service hours, things can pile up. This doesn’t mean you hav...

A Day Trip to the College of Your Dreams

A Day Trip to the College of Your Dreams

By: Ashley Manzo, Editor

September 25, 2018

At some point in high school every student will have to think about their future. When deciding their future students can visit colleges and get an inside look at the individuality of each campus and its classes to find out where they’ll want to earn their degree. Luckily, Kaneland’s district is...

10 College Admission Mistakes to Avoid

10 College Admission Mistakes to Avoid

By: Emily Janecek, Editor

December 13, 2017

 Juniors and Seniors alike all have one thing on their mind when going to high school. College. When it's nearing the end of those last two years of high school, students are trying to prepare and focus on being accepted to a college. Sometimes, due to the stress and frantic search of scholarships, stude...

Unsure which college to choose? Try visiting

November 18, 2011

Senior Veronica Seawall was in search of a very specific major. Animal behavior, to be specific. She visited Eastern Kentucky University, the only school in the entire Midwest that offers that major. “I did research for one and a half years. There were two other possible schools, but one was in California, a...

A major decision: choosing money or happiness

A major decision: choosing money or happiness

November 17, 2011

BY Nick Philips and Tyler Keenum, Editors Do you chase money or chase your dreams? Senior Allison Tate has chosen what she would like to do for her future career path. Though her future occupation, art, doesn’t pay much, it’s happiness not money, she’s chasing. “There’s lots of money ...